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It is a fact that almost everyone dreads a visit to the dentist. We at Delta Dental Clinic understand this, and with our comfortable environment and friendly staff, we will do our utmost to make your stay at the dentist as pleasant as possible, possibly pain free.


The practice has been in function for the past four years and provides most treatments available in a general practice, including gum treatments, paediatrics (child) care, fixed and removable restorations, root treatments, tooth whitening, removable orthodontics and dental implants. Intra-venous sedation is also available for those particularly challenging situations like oral surgery. We offer high quality care in a friendly environment and with very competitive prices. Our best reward is having a satisfied client. The premises are also accessible to disabled persons with wheelchair access. Same day emergency services are available. For more information, or to fix an appointment kindly call us on 27020615.



Cosmetic/Aesthetic dentistry


Various treatments are available to make you smile and feel better:

Tooth whitening – chair side or home whitening kits using POLA can dramatically improve the brilliance and radiance of your teeth in this safe technique.


Composite/white fillings – these are tooth-coloured restorations that mimic the appearance and shape of the natural tooth.

Veneers – used to change the shape or colour of the front teeth or to close gaps between the front teeth. Composite or ceramic can be used with the latter having a longer-lasting effect.


Ceramic crowns/bridges – made completely of ceramic, these restorations enable a natural tooth-looking appearance without any metal show from the back of the tooth or through the gums.


Tooth gem (Skyce) – tooth diamond is bonded with adhesive to the tooth in a completely safe and harmless way. This is totally reversible without damaging the tooth.



Preventive dentistry


Dental scaling and polishing – remove calculus, tartar and stain on a regular basis in order to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy.


Dental radiographs – digital intra-oral radiographs can be used to detect dental or bony pathology that is not visible clinically. Result is shown immediately.


Fissure sealants – block out dental fissures that are prone to dental decay by covering them with a bonded seal, especially useful for children and young adults who are prone to decay.


Night guards – thin and transparent protective guards that are worn at night to protect the teeth from dental wear. This usually takes place subconsciously and most patients are unaware of their destructive habit. The guard is tailor-made to the individual by taking an impression of the teeth.



Dental reconstruction/replacement


Dental fillings – dental decay or tooth fracture can be restored with a composite (white) or amalgam (silver) filling to restore the function and appearance of the tooth.


Root canal treatment – when a tooth is painful to stimuli due to dental decay or a knock, the options are to remove the tooth or devitalize it (root treat). In the latter option, the inner contents of the tooth are removed and the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and restored. A crown is usually recommended after root treatment as the tooth gets more fragile and also tends to darken.


Post and core – if the tooth is particularly broken down, especially if root treated, a post and core is usually required, whereby a post (like a rod) is placed within the root and the tooth built up with a restoration.


Crowns and Bridges – metal-ceramic or all-ceramic restorations that cover and protect heavily restored or broken down teeth with highly aesthetic results. This is particularly useful for root treated teeth that become fragile. Bridges are used as fixed replacement of missing teeth.


Dental implants – crowns or bridges fixed to screws that are placed in the bone as a replacement for missing teeth. They can also be used to support dentures and full arches in patients who have no teeth at all.


Dentures – these are removable prostheses that are used as a replacement for missing teeth. The denture can either be made of acrylic or chrome. Chrome dentures are usually preferred as they are thinner and stronger and are easier to get accustomed to.



Oral surgery


Dental extractions – removal of teeth is probably one of the most unpleasant experiences for many people.


Surgical removal of wisdom teeth – this is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Sutures are usually required following tooth removal. The procedure can be done under local anesthetic, intravenous sedation or under general anesthetic in a private hospital.

Dental services provided:


Dental extractions

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

Composite/white fillings


Cleaning & tooth whitening

Ceramic crowns/bridges


Dental reconstruction/replacement

Gum treatments

Paediatrics (child) care

Fixed and removable restorations

Root treatments

Removable orthodontics and dental implants

Fixed implants

Root canal treatment

Cosmetic/Aesthetic dentistry

Reversible tooth gem/diamond (Skyce)

Preventive dentistry

Dental scaling and polishing


Digital intra-oral dental radiographs



Intra-venous sedation  also available.

Same day emergency services are available.

Accessible to disabled persons with wheelchair access.

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